The visually impaired dog finds a guiding companion in its newfound lifelong friend.

Jess felt a sense of concern, about how Toby would react when they introduced their sister, a nine year old terrier to him. Toby was Jesss companion and the idea of expanding their family seemed a bit daunting. However they had shared some adventures together. Developed a deep bond.

Amos, the terrier had never experienced living in a house before meeting Jess and Toby. His entire existence had been in a rescue center. Adjusting to life indoors was challenging for Amos – he didn’t like the way the carpet felt on his paws bumped into walls and even developed a fear of TV noises. Simple tasks like finding his water bowl became quite difficult for this dog.

Initially skeptical of Amos Toby surprised Jess by displaying something. Whenever Toby noticed Amos struggling to find his water bowl with squinted eyes he would gently guide him in the direction with nudges. What started as a nudge eventually turned into Toby becoming Amoss guide. It was clear, to Jess and her family that they had gained yet another friend.

As Amos grew older he underwent evaluation by an eye doctor. It was determined that removing his eyes would be the course of action since it was highly likely that they were causing him daily discomfort and suffering.

Toby quickly assumed the role of Amos ” guide dog” after the procedure.

At first when Amos and Toby went for walks he would feel nervous. The sounds, around him would terrify him. He would often need to take breaks to rest and regain focus. Whenever Amos was ready to continue Toby would immediately lie down beside him!

Nowadays one of their activities as buddies is hiking across the hills! Toby uses body bumps and nudges to assist Amos in navigating the slopes.. If Amos ever wanders off the trail Toby helps bring him on track.

They have a bond. Show consideration for each others limitations.

Although Amos has become skilled at hiking he still has much to learn about interaction and socializing with canines. During these encounters Toby often acts as a mediator since many dogs get scared by Amos inability to communicate like a dog. Every day Toby and Jess work together to enhance his skills!

Amos couldn’t have asked for a guide or protector than Toby! They’ve been there for each other as companions, through thick and thin.

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