The Touching Expedition of a Blind Dog and His Devoted Human Mom on the Quest for a Forever Home.

Jake, a Chesapeake retriever who is 10 years old, has found his closest companion in Maggie – his mom. They reside together in a kennel at Furry Friends Refuge, which is a shelter in Iowa that opts to not euthanize animals. Jake is blind, and therefore, he heavily relies on Maggie, who acts as his guide dog.

According to Sayde Scott-Hainchek, the communications and development director for Furry Friends Refuge, Jake is a skilled follower of other dogs. As his mother, Maggie has been with him since birth, he tends to follow her lead the most. Jake has a habit of monitoring Maggie’s movements by paying attention to her scent and keeping his ears open.

Although Maggie and her blind companion’s bond may appear exceptional, it is not uncommon for dogs to recognize other dogs’ disabilities and show care towards them. Dogs have the ability to perceive their fellow canines’ limitations and may even take on the role of a guide dog if they possess nurturing qualities. Nonetheless, the two dogs are lacking one essential necessity – a permanent residence.

Last December, Furry Friends Refuge welcomed Jake and Maggie after their previous owner passed away. However, the pair has been on the hunt for a new home for half a year now. The challenge lies in their bond, which means they must be adopted together. Unfortunately, not everyone is prepared to take in two older, larger dogs.

Jake’s diabetes might be a concern for potential adopters, but the shelter staff is willing to lend a hand. They are more than happy to assist anyone who is not familiar with managing diabetes in animals. From insulin administration to monitoring blood sugar levels and other symptoms, they will guide you through everything. However, dealing with a diabetic pet may seem daunting if you have no prior experience.

Despite being elderly, blind, and diabetic, Jake still acts like a playful puppy, according to Scott-Hainchek. He particularly enjoys playing with a giant Kong ball, which he happily chases and knocks around.

According to Scott-Hainchek, Jake and Maggie are two adorable dogs that would fit perfectly into any family as they have very calm and sweet personalities. Although the shelter does not play favorites, the volunteers seem to have a soft spot for these furry friends. They are easy-going and compatible with just about anyone who is looking for a companion.

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