The lone survivor was Frodo, the final dog rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfighting cartel.

When Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons resided in Virginia, 51 Pit Bulls had to be rescued. These creatures were subject to unspeakable cruelty. They were subjected to shackling, electrocution, hanging, drowning, and compelled combat.

48 valiant Pitties perished, but only three of the canines did. These timid, formerly abused dogs were shown compassion and forbearance by numerous rescue groups and their future families.

Frodo, one of the survivors, lived to be fifteen years old. On December 18, 2021, this individual passed away. Following a year of suffering at Vick’s compound, he was treated like a gentleman for the next 14 years.

Enjoy peace, “sweetheart” Frodo.

The death of the dog was announced on Facebook by BAD RAP, a nonprofit animal protection organization with offices in Alameda. This organization’s advocacy on behalf of the dogs was immensely beneficial to their recovery.

The following is what the POOR RAP entry on Frodo’s death reads:

“Salutations, Frodo. We cherished him. We had never seen a survivor as courageous as he.”

Frodo died in affection and was surrounded by his loving family. I appreciate you attending to his medical needs until the end, Dr. Williams, as detailed in the following BAD RAP statement about the dog’s final moments: “While his mother Kim Ramirez and her daughter Dominique cried, Frodo devoured that immense package of meat. You earned his trust by putting together an unforgettable evening.

Frodo’s Story’s Redemptions

Throughout his entire existence, Frodo served as the movement’s ambassador to refute the inaccurate perception of Pit Bulls. He also demonstrated the significance of compassion and tolerance in a dog’s life.

These puppies acquired the trust of BAD RAP, a dog rescuer with years of experience working with dogs rescued from dogfights, immediately. According to BAD RAP, troubled canines should be granted a second chance.

Frodo demonstrated that young dogs rescued from maltreatment must be socialized from an early age if they are to develop into strong, courageous adults. Between the ages of three and six months, the police arrested him, and he endured the next six agonizing months in solitary confinement while awaiting assistance.

When Frodo was rescued from his dreadful surroundings, he displayed unusual caution and terror. In a 2009 interview with The Mercury News, Kim Ramirez, Frodo’s adoptee, disclosed:

“Everything that makes a mechanical sound irritates him. In our home, he would become fixated on the ceiling fans and gaze at them with trembling eyes. He would flee if I opened a cabinet. Optionally, you could microwave popcorn. I highly doubt it, but he may associate gunfire with popcorn. I believe he may not have viewed any of the matches. I’m positive he heard them, however.”

Frodo was blessed because the Ramirez family treated him with such care and affection. As the adorable dog’s legs began to fail, his family began moving him around in a stroller.

A true survivor has passed away.

The 48 Still-Alive Survivors From The “Vick” Dogs.

In 2019, thirteen dogs had yet to be released from Vick’s dogfighting operation. Jonny Justice passed away with his family by his side in October 2021, just two days before Frodo and Uba crossed the rainbow bridge.

Despite their traumatic pasts, these dogs all lived happy lives because they were given the opportunities they merited.

Animal rights advocates uniting could produce remarkable results. The evidence is comprised of 48 “Vick” canines.

Vick was given a 19-month federal prison sentence after admitting to killing canines and supporting dogfighting. Despite this injustice, the widely publicized case altered the perception of Pit Bulls and how abused canines may be rehabilitated.

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