After enduring difficult circumstances and facing euthanasia, a rescued ‘Unicorn Dog’ finds a loving family.

A loving family adopts “Unicorn Dog,” a dog that had endured a trying existence and was doomed to perish. Since then, he has grown into the prettiest puppy conceivable.

Before finding a loving home in South Pasadena, Strawberry, a 2-year-old pit bull known as the “unicorn dog,” spent time in many shelters. He had a head injury that nearly killed him.

Before being saved by the La Belle Foundation in Los Angeles, the dog seemed to have endured pain.

The rescue group said on social media that “This young dog has been through the wringer and back.” “She has two enormous lumps in her sweet head, gooey eyes, horrible scratches on her swollen face.”

They used to want to put her down because of her head bulge, which the shelters mistook for a tumor. But examinations revealed that it was only non-threatening scar tissue from a prior wound.

When the South Pasadena Kuhlman family found Strawberry online, she was healthy and available for adoption, and they “couldn’t resist.”

The matriarch of the family, Kristen Kuhlman, remarked, “Something spoke to me about her.” She struggled for a time to locate a place to live. We waited and deliberated. She could possibly still be reachable online.

The family, who had recently lost a fifteen-year-old dog, decided to adopt Strawberry and provide her care.

Claire Kuhlman, Kristen’s twin daughter, gushed, “She’s a great snuggler.” She’ll spread out all over you. She is a large, powerful woman.

The Kuhlmans believe it is hard to explain why the adorable and devoted pet was ready to be put to sleep.

Jack Kuhlman, a relative, remarked, “We wondered a lot about how the bump got there.” That, in my perspective, is yet another factor contributing to the lengthy adoption process for her.

The family opted to keep the dog’s birth name, “Strawberry,” since they felt it “fit.”

It’s adorable. According to Jeff Kuhlman, the granddad, we jokingly refer to her as “Strawbs” due to her lengthy name.We discovered a collar that had strawberries stitched into it. Everything appeared to function well.

The kids insisted that they play catch with Strawberry and cuddle their new puppy as soon as they get home from school.

Strawberry According to the unicorn dog’s owners, the neighborhood knows about her because of her peculiar head hump.

As someone yelled, the windows would be rolled down. Kristen Kuhlman recalls saying, “Hey strawberry.” She has a sizable fan base.

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